Rubamin SARL, one of the first ISO 9001 & 14001 company in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is part of an Indian multinational consortium, operating over a decade in Likasi in the copper rich province of Haut-Katanga. We are well established and one of the recognized manufacturer of Copper Blister in the region.

Rubamin SARL is uniquely positioned in DRC with an exceptionally strong in-house infrastructure support such as Drilling & Engineering Services and Industrial Supplies & Gases, Rental of HEMM and other applications of vehicles, etc. These have evolved into independent businesses due to their competence and quality of services offered by our team of qualified professionals.

Rubamin SARL is committed to its local community programs aimed at continual development in health, education and other civic amenities for the population of DRC.

Major Strengths

  • Our strong team of consisting of Metallurgists, Chemists, Mechanical – Electrical & Civil Engineers, Architects, Geologists, Mining Engineers, Chartered Accountants cater to the needs of entire cross section of the industry providing engineering and drilling services and solutions.
  • Rubamin Group has acquired a strong competence in pyro metallurgical and hydro metallurgical processes.

What’s new?


Rubamin exhibited its engineering services portfolio in the only mining expo and participated in the conference organized by Spintelligent (Clarion Group) for 2 days on ___ and ____ June 2018 at Pullman Grand Karavia Hotel in Lubumbashi.


Rubamin sponsored and participated in the 3rd Lualaba Mining Conference organized by the Federal Ministry of Mines and Governor of Lualaba Province on _____2018 in Kolwezi.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certification

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Association with FEC

Rubamin SARL is a member of Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC). It is a Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Handicrafts and Union of Employers (professional organization of employer) bringing together in its midst the industrial and commercial enterprises of the private and public sector, the bilateral chambers of commerce, as well as the economic and social institutions and agents working throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, across all sectors.


  • Explore new avenues for the growth in the emerging markets.
  • Imbibe a culture of dynamism and execute deliverables with pace.
  • Collaborating and consolidating our presence with industrial partners.
  • Follow environment friendly and safe operational practices.
  • Render cost effective, qualitative and JIT(Just In Time) services to the partners.
  • Encouraging human potential and empowering.
  • Social uplifting of rural habitats.
  • Envisioning a company where people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.